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"Our dream is to bring the best of our country to the world through entertainment"
Italians are everywhere, as a result of

emigration from the early nineteen hundreds as well as from the recent years. It is estimated that between 20 and 30 million Americans are of Italian descent. Most of them are no longer fluent Italian speakers, but still take great pride in their heritage.
Most of the activities to divulge the Italian culture and style to this day have had the same common denominator: the Italian language. This approach proved successful from the 60s to the late 80, with 1st and 2nd generation Italian immigrants, but it no longer stands true today. To appeal to an audience of nearly 50 million people in the United States alone, considering Italian descendants and italophiles, we now need to speak their own language, English, if we want to bring the beauty of Italy to them. That is why we have decided to create the Mad For Italy project. The 1st "Italian Styled" media platform that speaks English! We'll engage our audience with a complete and multifaceted editorial project that promotes the Italian culture thorough independently produced contents, aggregated content and curated content. This is the MAD FOR ITALY PLATFORM.
My name is Cesare Rascel and I am the son of legendary Italian artist Renato Rascel, author and composer, among others of Arrivederci Roma, one of the 3 most sang Italian songs in the world!
Being part of such an important legacy has made me particularly sensitive to all the issues concerning Italian culture and the promotion of Italian talent around the world.
That is why with a bunch of very smart and dedicated friends, we have decided to create the Mad For Italy platform. A place where international people of all culture and origins, can learn about Italy in a language that we can all understand: English.
Because of our walks of life, we have decided to start our promotional work in the United States, land of the free and home to many Italians, people of Italian descent and a huge group of people that are fascinated by and love the Italian culture.

And I'm so happy to tell you that our efforts have been so well received and appreciated that we have been invited to participate in so many events in the last few months, as the promoters of all that is great about Italy! The real Italy, the country that brings the world the best style, the best food, the best clothes, the art, the medical revolution and the country that exports brains, eccentricity and creativity!

We have had the pleasure to walk the Columbus parade with New York City Major Bill De Blasio, we tool to 5th avenue with the pride of being Italian, we have walked along some of the best that our country and our culture has to offer, and we are very proud of that! We feel very blessed and humbled to be put in that position.

With our platform we want to support young artists that are trying to bridge the gap across the ocean to reach what is considered the launch pad to international distribution. Just like Italian designer Alessia Siena that has presented her summer collection In New York City. Mad for Italy was there to document and support the event.

We also had the great honor of receiving the Italian Excellence award for our work promoting the Italian culture, inventive and creativity.

But I have to tell you, the highlight of this fall season had to be our presence at the National Italian American Foundation gala event in Washington DC where we were able to witness the award ceremony of our dear friend Tony Renis.

Well... there it is folks, I've taken you though a brief update of what our lives have been in the last few months and I've tried to explain our mission and were our heart is!
I truly hope you will want to join us in our effort to promote my country, with its talents, beauty and amazing ingenuity to the world!
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