Mission Italia, the origins and excellence of Italy’s finest foods

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Marisa May grew up in the kitchen - but not just any kitchen. As the daughter of Tony May, the beacon behind NYC’s original Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller Center, and later the acclaimed San Domenico and Palio Restaurants, Marisa emerged from the world of the most authentic Italian cuisine ever brought to the U.S. Tony was the first to lead the American palate away from the red checkered table cloth and chianti to the modern version of Italian fare featuring true flavors and ingredients well recognized today in dishes from tortellini with butter sage sauce to risotto with truffle. While Marisa learned about the dishes, the seasonings, and their ingredients, she never knew what was really behind all the flavor magic. Why does the risotto have to come from Northern Italy? And why are San Marzano tomatoes the most flavorful of all? Why do some dishes require the “mantecatura” before serving? That’s why Tony’s sending Marisa on a mission to the Italian countryside, to the regions and villages where these great foods and flavor emerged. These are the very same regions preferred by the best Italian chefs worldwide. The same places that inspired so much of what Tony brought to his NYC restaurants. Marisa will lead viewers on this voyage of discovery and will share the magnificent simplicity that underlies the excellence that is the finest of Italian foods.

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