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Roma Custom Bike is the first web-series about custom motorcycles made in Italy and distributed world wide both in Italian and English. The show starts from Custom Cez's desire to document his bike's restoration process. It was supposed to be a simple docu-tutorial, shot with a single camera so that he could keep it as a memory of passionate and creative work.

DIY How to CNC footboards for a Harley Davidson bike - ep 20p1 eng - Roma Custom Bike

In this episode we'll be making some new diy custom foot boards using aluminum, copper, brass and a CNC machine.

Available in three

models: Loop, Straight and Flame Style with your choice of copper or brass custom engraved medallion.




After machining the parts are powder coated for a long lasting finish.

What did we do:

- Design considerations
- Work area set up
- Machining of the aluminum footboard
- Machining of the copper medallion
- Machining of the brass medallion
- Polishing
- Installation on Harley-Davidson motorcycle

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Made in Rome, Italy we take a look at an European approach to modifying and customizing an Harley Davidson with Custom Cez, an amateur customizer in his home shop.
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