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Roma Custom Bike is the first web-series about custom motorcycles made in Italy and distributed world wide both in Italian and English. The show starts from Custom Cez's desire to document his bike's restoration process. It was supposed to be a simple docu-tutorial, shot with a single camera so that he could keep it as a memory of passionate and creative work.

How to build a DIY english wheel tool part 1 - ep 14p1 eng - Roma Custom Bike

Custom Cez builds an home made english wheel DIY.
In this 3 parts episode Custom Cez calls on Janusz "Polsky Rage" Wilczek for

help, along with a special guest, a fan of the show that offered his services for the show's noble cause, Sergio from the FB group Rat Bike Italia.
This build is divided in 3 parts, the construction of the frame, the manifacturing of the anvil supports and, last but not list, the construction of the lift mechanism.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Janusz brought us a bunch of tubing left over from a construction site to use to build the frame of the english wheel.
While working on the project Janusz has taken the opportunity to teach us a couple of tricks on how to weld for strenght and penetration, wich resulted in an actual welding competition among us.
The frame is assambled and strenghten while checking allignment and tollerances to produce a nice final result.

What did we do: Tube cutting Welding of the frame Tollerances check

An production, music by FAS.

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