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Roma Custom Bike is the first web-series about custom motorcycles made in Italy and distributed world wide both in Italian and English. The show starts from Custom Cez's desire to document his bike's restoration process. It was supposed to be a simple docu-tutorial, shot with a single camera so that he could keep it as a memory of passionate and creative work.

Kid on the bike - DIY Tutorial - update - making an harness - ep 15p3 eng - Roma Custom Bike

This is an update on the "Kid on the bike"series where Custom Cez makes a diy harness for the little D-Dog.

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the other 2 episodes where Custom Cez builds a foot peg and a heat shield using his CNC machine.

In this 2 part episode Custom Cez creates all necessary parts to safely bring his 4 years old child on the bike, needless to say in private roads only.


He starts with the design and machining of the support bracket trying to follow the lines of the housing of the air filter. The goal is to create a system that can disappear under the carburetor when not in use but that can be put in place quickly when necessary. That is why Custom Cez chooses to use a butterfly nut to secure the support to the bike so that it can be loosened without having to use any tools.

To make the actual peg he uses a piece of chrome tubing and a threaded bar to make the piece the least bit noticeable and at the same time cool and functional, in line with the rest of the bike.

Custom Cez will also test the polishing kit from Check out the results in this episode!

What did we do:

- Design
- machining of support bracket with the CNC machine
- bracket polishing
- making of the foot peg
- painting with nail polish


To avoid melting the shoe heel at every ride Custom Cez will make a heat shield using the CNC machine. He will then bend the flat machined piece using some wood disks also machined. After polishing the part Custom Cez will have to figure out how to mount it to the exhaust... how will he do it? Find out by checking out the episode below.

What did we do:

- Design
- CNC machining of the flat part
- CNC machining of the wooden discs
- bending of the part
- polishing
- installation

An production, music by FAS.

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