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Roma Custom Bike is the first web-series about custom motorcycles made in Italy and distributed world wide both in Italian and English. The show starts from Custom Cez's desire to document his bike's restoration process. It was supposed to be a simple docu-tutorial, shot with a single camera so that he could keep it as a memory of passionate and creative work.

Harley Davidson rotor and stator diy repair replacement - ep21 eng - Roma Custom Bike

In this episode Custom Cez replaces the burned stator in a Harley Davidson softail.

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The stator is part of the charging system of the bike and is responsible for charging the battery as well as providing the necessary current to power the entire bike.
A broken or defective stator can be responsible for many problems in the elettrical system.

Custom Cez, with the help of Polsky Rage and new team member Jacek, take apart the primary cover and primary transmission to uncover the faulty stator for replacement.
In this video we have used a 1991 Harley Davidson fxst softail, in other models the process might differ.

We will also take a look at the back stage of Italian band "Le Mura"'s latest music video, were the entire crew of Roma Custom Bike is featured along with some beautifull vampire strippers.
Special thanks go to the video director Luna Gualano.

What did we do:
- footboard and shift peg removal
- oil drain
- primary transmission cover and chain removal
- removal of primary chain adjustment shoe
- compensation sprocket removal
- rotor removal
- removal and replacement of the stator
- re-assembly
- stator diagnostic and functional testing

Made in Rome, Italy we take a look at an European approach to modifying and customizing an Harley Davidson with Custom Cez, an amateur customizer in his home shop.
An production, music by FAS.

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