Alex Ball

Business type: Manufacturing of gold and diamonds masterpieces
Main product: Rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chokers
Location: Valenza (Alessandria) - Piemonte
Founded: 1957 (In August 2017 we'll celebrate our 60th anniversary)

Italian company that operates in the manufacturing of luxury entirely handmade wareble artwork. Our experienced goldsmiths create precious and timeless objects with care and experience.

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Business type: Manufacturing of bridal veils and headpieces
Main product: Bridal veils, Headpieces
Location: New York
Founded: 2008

Monvieve is a haute couture bridal accessory company based in New York and Italy. Elegant and definitive, the collection includes both bespoke veils from Italy and couture headpieces from France.

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